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Boomerang Baby

In a ballroom in Hawaii in May 1996, a woman Baby Boomer about to be honored for her life's work admits she feels like a failure and is forced to face the trauma of her journey through those Boomer years. Publication Date TBD.

BitterSweet: Surviving and Growing From Loneliness

"I asked a man to sleep with me last night. He was my friend—affectionate, handsome, and, most important, available. After I asked him, he sat very quietly on the footstool near my chair for several minutes and then he said no. I felt rejected, hurt, and when he left, I asked myself why I needed affection and closeness so desperately that I had to use sex to get it."

Women Can Wait: The Pleasures of Motherhood After Thirty

"I hope that as you read through Women Can Wait you will come to realize—as I did in my medical practice awakening—that the myth that a woman is dangerously 'old' to have her first child in her thirties must be put to rest. If you are a woman who waited, read and wait no more."

--Dr. Don Sloan, former OB/GYN at Lenox Hill Hospital

Words Worth: Write Well and Prosper

"Chock full of useful examples of great writing, followed by clear analysis of why they work. New and experienced writers will find this invaluable for building essential skills."

Miriam Arond, Former Director of The Good Housekeeping Research Institute, former Editor-in-Chief of Child Magazine.


"Tackles all the tough writing problems, from writing transitions to gathering quotes to developing a distinctive voice."

David Rubin, Professor and Dean Emeritus, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, Syracuse University