Words' Worth

Write Well and Prosper
(Terri Brooks with Mary Quigley)

Praise for Words’ Worth!

Amazon Reader Comment August, 2020

"Writing topics are handled smartly, succinctly, and simply in the latest edition of Words' Worth...Gives struggling beginners, their teachers and professional writers alike the tools necessary to create powerful writing...Furnishes a map to the world of reporting for the web and blogging...well-crafted exercises to hone skills, and savvy advice to help writers enrich their style and make their work more marketable. Practical, wise, and inspiring."

Edwin Diamond, former media columnist, New York magazine

"The wonderful quotations from the best of journalism that illustrate this splendid book are alone worth the price of admission.”

Mary Hadar, longtime Washington Post editor

"Words' Worth: Write Well And Prosper, is a valuable tool for the beginning feature writer; and an excellent refresher course for the experienced one."

David Rubin, Professor and Dean Emeritus, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University

"Words' Worth tackles all the tough writing problems, from writing transitions to gathering quotes to developing a distinctive voice."

Women Can Wait

Revised & Updated!
2nd Edition, Fall, 2021
(1st Edition published as BitterSweet: Surviving and Growing From Loneliness under author's prior pen name Terri Schultz.)

Women Can Wait

80 women interviewed. 80 powerful stories.

  • Why Women Wait
  • How They Decide
  • Reassuring Medical Facts
  • The Joys of Delayed Motherhood

Motherhood. More and more women are choosing to postpone having a baby until they feel more financially solvent, satisfied career aims, finished educations, or simply because they have decided to marry or commit to a partner later in life.

They may be 30, 35, 40 or beyond, and for them motherhood is a significantly different experience than it is for younger women.

Explores the experiences of mature motherhood in all its facets: emotion, medical, and practical.

  • Waiting—the reasons why they delayed motherhood
  • Deciding—the specific emotions and events that prompted the decision to have a baby now
  • Mothering—how the presence of a baby in their lives changes their work, their relationships with their partner and friends, their feelings about themselves
  • Medical issues of older motherhood are illuminated with the most recent up-to-date facts and studies.